Hilkka Uusikylä Curriculum Vitae            Aarre Kärkkäinen Curriculum Vitae

                                         Exhibitions and collections

2015 June

BnF ( Bibliotheque national de France) has added to collection of

(Baudiovisuel art

three multi media works in the 90`s

by group Toeks ( Okkonen - Kärkkäinen):

Agony of JC, Espoo-Alexanderplatz and Divine Comedy Digital

2013 June
Berlin Transmediale Festival has selected five interactive
new media works by Group Toeks to be included
in Europeana ( The European Union´s virtual library for the preservations of cultural heritage ) . The selected works are:
Divine Comedy Digital, Espoo-Alexanderplatz, Don Quixote,
One Way and Wedding on Glacier
More info:


Galleria G12,  Annankatu 16, Helsinki


SUHTEITA, maalauksia

Taidesalonki, Bulevardi 3 B, Helsinki, Lokakuu 2013
Läheltä- Närä ifrån
Maalauksia, Paintings

Galleria Kapriisi, Tampere, 2012
Mielen tiloja
Mind scapes
Marjatta Uusikylä & Aarre Kärkkäinen
Maalauksia, paintings

Galleria Gjutars,  Vantaa, 2011:
Wedding on Glacier
Marjatta Uusikylä & Aarre Kärkkäinen
Maalauksia, multimediaa

Galleria Saskia, Tampere, 2010
Marjatta Uusikylä & Aarre Kärkkäinen

Espoon Kuvataiteilijoiden kesänäyttely  Galleria Aarnissa:

...Ja äkkiä on ilta
Och plötsligt är det afton…

Kuraattorit  I  kuratorer : Claes Andersson & Tua Forsström

24.6. - 18.7. 2010

Arabianrannan kirjaston näyttelyt vuonna 2010:

Tammikuu ­Aarre Kärkkäinen, Maalauksia

Galleria Aarni " Cafe Titanikki", Espoo 11.11.- 5.12.2009
Maalauksia (Marjatta Uusikylä)

Vantaan Taidemuseo " Ei koskaan eläkkeelle", Vantaa 28.8.2009 - 9.1.2010

Rovaniemen Taidemuseo, "Normaali  Poikkeus"Rovaniemi  25.4-7.5.2009

Vaasan Taidehalli " Einari Uusikylän taiteellinen perintö neljässä sukupolvessa", Vaasa 8.2.-8.3.09

Gallery Taidesalonki- Konstsalongen,  Helsinki  27.10.-14.11.2007

Galleria Katariina, Helsinki 8.3.06- 28.3.06
Recreation and Leisure
Hilkka Okkonen Paintings , Group  Toeks ( Hilkka Okkonen & Aarre Kärkkäinen) computer game:
Driving by a Tractor to Porokylä

Bodies Through Technology- A multimedia art exhibit,
January-March 2005
Tompkins County Public Library, in Ithaca, New York, Cd-rom ESPOO-ALEXANDERPLATZ

Exhibition of The Nordic Art Association in Suomenlinna , Finland, November 04
Cd-rom Two Stories in 3D Space

TIME TRAVELLING, Sag Harbor, New York,
New World Gallery @ Radio Free  Hamptons, open July 31 and run through September 11 2004
cd-roms Divine Comedy Digital and Check Point

V Media Forum Competition Nominees' 2004 of the XXYI Moscow International Film Festival
June 23-26, 2004, ClubnaBrestskoj (2 Brestskaya,6, metro Mayakovskaya)
cd-rom ONE WAY

Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin
 International film, video and media art festival in Paris 18-28.2.03 and
 in Berlin November 11-23.03; cd-rom: One Way

  Ssshh... Paintings and  Other things
  Hilkka Okkonen and Aarre Kärkkäinen
  in Galerie Novo
 Pieni Roobertinkatu 5, Helsinki

 GOCYPER,  NETART in MUU ry,  Helsinki, Finland
 3D interactive real time net art work in the Virtual Gallery of Muu ry 2003

Paintings and Multimedia in Promenadigalleria,  Five artist from Espoo Artist`s Association visit Hyvinkää Artist`s  Association ( Helve, Kärkkäinen, Okkonen, Mali, Valkola); September 2002 (  Three cd-roms from Kärkkäinen & Okkonen )

Virne, Humour in the Finnish Photography, Phography Center of St Michel, Finland, 16.06.02.- 01.09.02; six  photographs

File, Electronic Language International Festival,
Sao Paulo, Brasilia,  08.08-.09.2002, cd-rom One Way

The Art of CD ROM
Contact Zones in Calgary at the Nickle Arts Museum, the University of Calgary:
http://www.ucalgary.ca/~nickle/exhibitions.html. It opens THIS FRIDAY 26. with a
run date of Oct. 26-December 20.
cdroms: Divine Comedy Digital and Espoo-Alexanderplatz

United minds
international mail / fax art exhibition november 7-8. 2001
Tampere House, Tampere, Finland
 EVOLUTION REVOLUTION  Le Numeriqe  Nuveau Medium De L'art  01.10-01.11.01
Galerie GPOA, (Galerie de Pret d'Oeuvres d'Art),  Château Malou et à la Médiatine
45 chaussée de Stockel - 1200 Bruxelles, Belgique.
cdroms: Divine Comedy Digital, Espoo-Alexanderplatz, Agony of JC

 FILE, Electronic Language International  Festival,
   Sao Paulo, Brasilia, August 2001, FILE-2001 edition will be shown  also at
Curitiba city,in paraná, Brazil, from october 25th to november 04.
  Cd-rom: Agony of JC

 d>art 01 cd-rom, web & sound art exhibition
  City Exhibition Space, Customs House, 31 Alfred St, Circular Quay
   Sidney, Australia Thursday 9 June - Sunday 4 July 01
 cd-rom Agony of JC    www.dLux.org.au

27.4.2001 in Kiasma, Helsinki
CD-rom: Don Quixote

 ISEA 2000, The 10th International Symposium on Electronic Arts,
 Paris, Forum des Images (Les Halles), December  2000,
 Cd-rom: Divine Comedy Digital ( as a member of cd-rom art collection:
 Contact Zones curated by Timothy Murray)

 dig_in_time , 3. International 0ffline@online Media Art Festival
 in Pärnu, Estonia 25.-26.11.2000
 cd-rom: Don Quixote

CYNETart 2000, International competition for computer based art in Dresden,
 Germany 9.11.-26.11.2000, cd-rom ESPOO-ALEXANDERPLATZ
 (Award of Recognition for ESPOO-ALEXANDERPLATZ in the category of interactive cd-roms)

FILE, Electronic Language International Festival, Sao Paulo, Brasilia
08.08-01.09.2000, cd-roms ESPOO-ALEXANDERPLATZand  DON QUIXOTE

 d>art 00 cd-rom, web & sound art exhibition
                     City Exhibition Space, Customs House, 31 Alfred St, Circular Quay
                     Sidney, Australia Thursday 8 June - Sunday 2 July 00
 cd-rom DON QUIXOTE    www.dLux.org.au

 GLOBAL PRESS,Exhibition of Multimedia in Mexico, Tlaxhala
                     cd-roms: Don Quixote, Divine Comedy Digital
 (Invitation Exhibition)

 Lovebytes Festival of Digital Art 6,7,8 April  2000, Sheffield UK
 Cd-rom: Divine Comedy Digital

Trampoline 30th March 2000 launching Radiator Digital Media Festival, Nottingham UK
Cd-rom: Espoo-Alexanderplatz

 Media Non Grata, International Video and New Media Festival, Tallinn 99
 cd-rom: Divine Comedy Digital  http://www.artun.ee/festival/

 4TH Split Festival of Film, video & New Media, Split , Croatia 25.9-2.10.99
 cd-rom: Divine Comedy Digital

Contact Zones: the art of cd-rom@cornell university, New Work, Ithaca
March 9- April 16, 1999 Curated by Timothy Murray
70 cd-roms from 17 countries
cd-rom: Divine Comedy Digital

Transmediale, International Festival on Electronic Arts in Berlin 12.02-21.02.99
 cd-rom Divine Comedy Digital ( http://www.transmediale.de/)

Offline@Online: French- Baltic-Nordic Video and New Media Festival, Tallinn 98 (http://www.artun.ee/festival/), cd-rom Spoon River Virtual

The Finnish Artists Association Annual Exhibition 97 ,98 , 2000and 2001 with cdroms “Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing” ,“Spoon River Virtual”
"Espoo-Alexanderplatz" and Agony of JC

 "Electric Flesh"-Interactive Computer Installation
 For Video Cameras, Monitors And Computers
 In MUU Gallery June 94 (Together with Hilkka Okkonen and Heikki  Salo)

 Participated in several National Art Exhibitions with interactive
 computer multimedia together with Hilkka Okkonen

 Participated in ISEA95 Media Lounge in Montreal, Canada with First finnish  Underground Art  cd-rom

                   Works in public collections:

Tampereen nykytaiteen museo
( Museum of Contemporary Art in Tampere, Finland )
cd-rom First Finnish Underground Art

Berlin, Neue Berliner Kunstverein.
cd-rom Divine Comedy Digital

FORO ARTISTICO, International Media Art Forum Hanover:
cd-roms Divine Comedy Digital and Agony of JC

Videotage, an international media art organisation in Hong Kong
cdrom Divine Comed Digital

                      Memberships in the Artists' Association of Finland:

Finnish Painters' Union

Union of Artist Photographers

                          Other memberships in Artist organisations

 Members of MUU  since 89, organisation of Media Art and Electronic Art
 in Helsinki, Finland

 Chairman and members of ESPOON KUVATAITEILIJAT, Espoo Visual Artists in  WeeGee,Espoo,

Have done since 92
Several  interactive multimedia cd-roms  and net works that have been selected  to many international  media art festivals
and national art exhibitions.

It has been said that our cd-roms belong to ”trash art”. We like that. We also like artists like Fellini
And Cervates, bien sur. Summer cottage  and mushrooms are important for us although Hilkka
Is desperately afraid of spiders.

Contact information

 Aarre Kärkkäinen,
 Address: Aallonhuippu 5 b 33, 02320 Espoo; Finland
 Phone: +358400608002

 E-mail: aarre.toeks@gmail.com

 Hilkka Marjatta Uusikylä,
 Address: Merivirta 7 a 4, 02320 Espoo, Finland;
 Phone: +358407484357
  E-mail:  hilkka.Uusikylä@gmail.com

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